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Interlacustrine Victorians: Apollo Kaggwa

The Guardian recently reviewed an exhibition of photographs of Africans made by the London Stereoscopic Company. This nice article inspired me to start a series of posts with photographs from interlacustrine Africa, which I haven mainly taken from C. W. Hattersley’s book “The Baganda at home”. I hope I will add more sources to the project in future. I take the term “Victorians” in a very broad sense. To me it’s not only about British culture in 19th century, but something that describes a global colonial culture that spread with the European expansion. The “Victorian” in this global colonial culture is a set of certain understandings about the individuality, concepts of the family, the notion of education as a tool for self-improvement and finally a set of habitual practices. Why it is global? Colonial expansion in the 19th century was a European project. Sure, Britain was at the forefront of this endeavor, but it was not the only party involved. Between the different European powers …

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